Why “Average Joes” Make The Best Marketers


This week we spoke with James Macfarlane, one of the UK’s leading tech entrepreneurs since his early 20s, developing a series of astonishingly high growth ventures. His principle business, PM Connect, specialises in mobile distribution for major entertainment brands like the NBA, WWE and Eurosport and has been featured in... Read more

What Sheepdogs & Pigeons Can Teach Us About Customer Experience


This week we spoke to Scott Stockwell, Editor in Chief of IBM, EMEA. With significant experience across brand management, digital strategy, design thinking, customer experience and sales, Scott is a real industry heavyweight. He is also one of the most creative and engaging minds in marketing. In Scott's interview, we... Read more

What’s Your Swim Lane? The Secret To Building High Performance Sales Teams


Today's interview is with Justin Welsh, a leading authority in SaaS sales having helped build over fifty million dollars of recurring revenue for 2 separate startups. In Justin's interview, we'll be talking about: - Which function should be in the driving seat, sales or marketing. - What sales can learn... Read more

Be Careful Where You Build – The Future Of Community Management


This week we are joined by Charles Thiede, Co-founder and CEO of Zapnito, a SaaS online community platform that powers expert communities for ambitious B2B brands. In our interview, we discussed: - The value of building on your own land - How to drive community engagement - What the future... Read more

Big Prospects – How The Oldest Channel In Digital Has Become The Most Powerful


Ryan Welmans is the Founder and CEO of Sopro, the award-winning B2B prospecting service that’s transformed email marketing from the grandad of digital to a lead generation powerhouse. As anyone who has listened to Ryan previously will know, he brings together the rare combination of deep technical expertise with a... Read more

From Cold Caller To Business Baller: How Every BD Can Overcome Their Nerves & Make Things Happen


This week we spoke with sales legend, John Maffioli. The youngest ever Director of BD at EY, John was then drawn into the entrepreneurial world where he has spent the last 6 years interviewing the UK’s greatest business leaders on CLIC and FEBE, as well as using his network to... Read more

Who Cares Wins – The Remarkable Power Of Generosity & Reciprocity


This week we spoke with Lea Turner, a LinkedIn Trainer who has absolutely dominated the platform over the the last year. Since the pandemic began, Lea has not only generated a following of nearly 100,000, but more importantly she has turned that community into 1,300 paying customers. In her interview,... Read more

You Can’t Beat A Good Rank – The 3 Principles Of SEO Domination In B2B


On this week's episode of the Boss to Boss podcast, we met with Ant Lavall, VP of SEO for Croud, a leading digital agency who manage the content for many of the world’s largest brands and have won countless awards for their search marketing, including Campaign’s Global Performance Agency of... Read more

Light At The End Of The Funnel – Why Top Funnel Content Strategies Are Serious Business


Deanna Cioppa is Director of Strategy Services at Contently, the world's leading content marketing platform. As Director of Strategy Services, Deanna helps clients to create world-class content strategies. So who better to speak to about that very topic within B2B? We met with Deanna to discuss: - The role of... Read more

All’s Well That Sends Well: Why Your Opt-In Email List Is Your #1 Digital Asset


This week we spoke with Joe Pulizzi, a man widely regarded as the godfather of modern content marketing. He's the bestselling author of Content Inc., Killing Marketing and Epic Content Marketing, which was named a must-read business book by Fortune Magazine. He's founded four successful companies, received a lifetime achievement... Read more

Professionally Unprofessional – Jo Watson on Becoming a “**ing LinkedIn Megastar” [Podcast]


This week we spoke with a copywriter who’s been making a bit of a name for herself on LinkedIn, with a colourful style that’s earned her a significant following, not to mention the occasional temporary ban, and who I personally have enjoyed following more than anyone else on the platform.... Read more

Why Our Marketing Needs Less “Ego-Massaging” & More “Populist Entertaining”


This week, we spoke with Joe Coleman, widely regarded as one of the greatest modern copywriters on the planet. Joe has won countless awards for his work with many of the world’s biggest brands. We met with Joe to discuss: - The remit of a great copywriter - The dangers... Read more

Shane Redding On The Most Exciting Trend In MarTech & The Habit That Makes Her Very Cross [Podcast]


Today's interview is with a marketer who's been at the vanguard of innovation in B2B since before terms like "Social Media" or "MarTech" even existed. That marketer is Shane Redding, Owner of Think Direct and Strategy & Evolution Expert at B2B Marketing. In this interview we learn about: - The... Read more

Community or Commoditisation? – How to Earn the Trust of Your Audience in an Age of Outrage


Katie Martell is the author of 'Trust Me, B2B: Building and Keeping Trust in an Age of Skepticism and Noise', a powerhouse Ted Talk speaker and host, an advisor, and a documentary film-maker - and that's to name only a few of the hats Martell wears. Her expansive and fasinating... Read more

Products Worth Selling & Stories Worth Telling – Helping Customers Overcome Inertia In B2B [Podcast]


Seth Godin is the author and creator of the largest blog on the internet - Seth’s Blog, with over one million readers and seven thousand posts over the course of two decades. He’s the multi-best selling author of marketing must-reads like Purple Cow, Tribes, This is Marketing and The Purpose.... Read more

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