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A proven model for doubling sales in two years

Step 1 – Create your Northstar and decide what it means for your positioning Every company needs a compelling Northstar that drives all other targets and KPI’s. It should be ambitious but specific and quantifiable.

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How to create a culture of innovation

You have built your brand as The CEO Expert largely on driving change and innovation. Why is innovation so important? Markets have been changing rapidly in recent years and Brexit has only increased the uncertainty. Personally, I

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4 steps to going stratospheric with Instagram

In just a couple of years Duke & Dexter have developed a huge brand presence, with some of the biggest celebrity names in the world wearing your products. If you had to attribute your success to just

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How to achieve rapid growth in a new market

Strategy Focus on doing something really hard, really well Rather than making something really simple and shouting about it from the rooftops, we’re trying to do something really hard and just concentrate on getting it