Shane Redding On The Most Exciting Trend In MarTech & The Habit That Makes Her Very Cross [Podcast]


Today's interview is with a marketer who's been at the vanguard of innovation in B2B since before terms like "Social Media" or "MarTech" even existed. That marketer is Shane Redding, Owner of Think Direct and Strategy & Evolution Expert at B2B Marketing. In this interview we learn about: - The... Read more

Community or Commoditisation? – How to Earn the Trust of Your Audience in an Age of Outrage


Katie Martell is the author of 'Trust Me, B2B: Building and Keeping Trust in an Age of Skepticism and Noise', a powerhouse Ted Talk speaker and host, an advisor, and a documentary film-maker - and that's to name only a few of the hats Martell wears. Her expansive and fasinating... Read more

Products Worth Selling & Stories Worth Telling – Helping Customers Overcome Inertia In B2B [Podcast]


Seth Godin is the author and creator of the largest blog on the internet - Seth’s Blog, with over one million readers and seven thousand posts over the course of two decades. He’s the multi-best selling author of marketing must-reads like Purple Cow, Tribes, This is Marketing and The Purpose.... Read more

Now We’re Talking – 3 Steps To Finding Your Brand’s Voice [Podcast]


Today’s interview is with a man who knows how to bring a brand to life no matter what the market - Chris West, from Verbal Identity. Chris is a leading tone of voice specialist, and the remarkable brain responsible for fine tuning many of the world's most innovative and loved... Read more

The Path To Purpose – Why Every Firm Must Learn To Tell Stories & Where To Find Them [Podcast]


Robert Camp is the former Managing Partner of the law firm Stephens Scown, and a man famous for driving through change. Not only was Robert able to double the firm’s turnover but they collected all manner of accolades in the process, including six consecutive years on the Sunday Times list... Read more

A Sound Investment – The Rapid Rise Of B2B Podcasting & How To Get Started [Podcast]


Georgina Holt is the UK Managing Director of Acast, the world's biggest podcast company. They are the engine that powers creators, advertisers and listeners around the world. We met with Georgina to discuss: - The growing role of podcasting within the B2B sector - Why companies should be adopting it... Read more

Oh, The Humanity! Breaking Free of The B2B Objectivity Trap


Rory Sutherland is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, arguably the most recognisable brand in marketing and advertising. A globally renowned TED speaker, Rory has led the charge for the integration of behavioural sciences in advertising, establishing a team within Ogilvy that search for ‘unseen opportunities’ in consumer behaviour. We met... Read more

LinkedIn, Lawyers & Love Stories – 13 Steps To Selling Innovation In A Conservative Market


Mary Bonsor is Co-Founder and CEO of F-LEX, a lawtech startup that provides on-demand paralegals by connecting law students with in-house counsels and law firms. In just 4 years, they’ve attracted nearly 600 clients and won a long list of accolades, from Legal Innovator of the Year to Best Technology... Read more

Why Most B2B Marketing Is So Forgettable


Having held Creative Director roles with several major international agencies, industry heavyweight, Dave Dye, has been working with the world’s most iconic brands for three decades. With vast experience in both B2B and B2C, Dave has spent his career demonstrating that there is no such thing as dull brands, only... Read more

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