Now We’re Talking – 3 Steps To Finding Your Brand’s Voice [Podcast]

Seth Godin Boss to Boss Interview Cover Photo

My guest today needs no introduction, but I’m going to give him a small one anyway. Seth Godin is a serial entrepreneur & multi-best selling author. As I’m sure our readers are aware, Mr Godin hasn’t just commented on the massive changes that have occurred in marketing during the past decade, but he has in […]

4 Steps to Building a Personal Brand as Professional

Elliot Moss Boss to Boss Interview Cover Photo

1. “Be clear on what you stand for, make sure it’s something you truly believe in and communicate that message consistently.” This is something you always find with successful people; they know what they stand for. They might word it differently. Some talk about knowing what they want to be famous for or having a […]

Is your firm selling a product or service? The answer is no longer straightforward

Sean Hoban Boss to Boss Cover Photo

The idea of productisation among service companies is a common one but servitization may be a less familiar term to people. Can you explain what you mean? Servitization is a relatively new term used to describe the trend for product-based firms to wrap high-value service layers around their offering. To be clear, it is not […]

The rapidly changing face of enterprise sales in 2019

Max Roberts Boss to Boss Interview Cover Photo

 1. What brought you to your current role at Salesforce? 2. Is there a particular kind of organisation that tends to impact the most from Salesforce? 3. What would your advice be to companies facing legacy challenges when it comes to implementing Salesforce? 4. How is technology, such as AI & robotics, impacting Salesforce? 5. […]

How Xero has permanently revolutionised the accounting market

Gary Turner Boss to Boss Interview Cover Photo

How is Xero changing the accountant’s job role? We’ve seen a big and inevitable shift in the accountancy market. Accountants are still providing their professional oversight, but rather than getting paid for traditional bookkeeping or tax, we are seeing a new generation of accounting services emerging. Accountants with clients using Xero are now playing more […]

Always Start With The Brand – The Underestimated Role Of Brand In B2B Marketing

Josie Johnson Boss to Boss Cover Photo

How much emphasis was there on brand development in the early stages of the business? When I joined Yerra full time in 2015, the directive from our Founder & CEO was to focus on branding and not worry initially about lead generation. This was quite different from what I’d experienced with other companies that were focused more […]