In an increasingly online world, it can be difficult to create a strong presence for your dentistry practice and gain potential clients. Rank above your competitors, get traffic to your website and watch the leads flood in with digital marketing for dentists and support your small business with a great digital strategy. 

Market research

Before anything else can begin, it’s vital to conduct a thorough analysis of the market to better understand the key components of your business and also your competitors. When considering digital marketing for dentists, it’s important to always survey your competitors, other local dentistry practices, to identify what they’re doing well, their position in the market and where your business can be best situated. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, potential threats and future opportunities, you can provide a strong sense of positioning for your brand.

It’s also essential to understand all broader market factors that may impact your dentistry practice. A PEST analysis identifies the political, economic, social and technological factors that may impact your client’s decision making. From this information, you can better understand how to price your services.

Content marketing

An essential part of connecting with an audience is through content marketing. Especially with digital marketing for dentists, as clients are inclined to think visiting the dentist is a chore. Through well crafted and thoughtful content, you can change the perception of your dentist practice and connect with insightful blogs, engaging emails, eye-catching social media posts and rich website landing pages. To begin creating meaningful content for your audience, it’s vital to identify established content pillars that will resonate with potential clients to guide your content creation. Getting a conversation started and building a community around your services is a fantastic way to engage with your audience and display your expertise.



One of the most neglected aspects of digital marketing for dentists is SEO. Especially considering how important geo-targeting is for every dentistry practice. To attract local clients, it’s critical that your practice shows up first when a potential customer searches ‘dentist near me.’ By properly utilising on-page, off-page, technical SEO and the creation of engaging landing pages, your site’s traffic will increase with more interested users to generate leads.


Creating a website

Your dental practice needs an online base for potential and returning customers to visit – a website. This is the hub of digital marketing for dentists. Every page of your site should focus on meeting user needs and expectations. Consider why a person would visit your website and build the experience around that. Would they like to find out more about the services you provide? Do they want to know the location of your practice? Would they like to book an appointment? Do they want to know more about pricing? Every user intent should be considered and accounted for. With the addition of great SEO, your site will be boosted up the rankings so you can more easily reach potential clients.


social media

Social media is a great tool for spreading your practice’s reach. Digital marketing for dentists doesn’t just stop at site content. By building up a community of happy, engaged customers, your content provides credibility towards the practice and encourages trust in future clients. This is a continual effort of multiple blog posts, assets, videos and more that should always be evolving and adapting to new market trends and behaviours. All this effort will ensure you keep a strong and engaged digital audience that generates real customers.



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