Whilst property prices are booming, your business could be left unheard amongst the noise of your competitors. Reach your audience, rise above the rest, and get your properties sold with impactful digital marketing. A strong marketing strategy is a huge asset to any developer that wants to stand out in an overcrowded market. These cost-effective strategies create a big impact and increase your client base. Discover some key strategies that any property developer should know below.

Branding your Business

Like any good property, your business needs a solid foundation to build a towering brand. You invest in your estates and business alike, developing them with care, and that kind of commitment deserves to be recognised.

It’s more than simple aesthetics. Great branding needs to understand your target audience, create a promise to its clients, follow a strong sense of values, and have its own unique voice. It’s the very identity of your business – its unique story and personality. At its core, there’s something that differentiates your brand from every other developer on the market, and that is what will set you apart from the competition.

Content strategy

Nothing says quality like great content. A board range of well-crafted content helps you to communicate with your audience and professionally presents your brand. Every property you develop deserves special attention and content strategy is a great way to provide it. Start a blog, a newsletter, a buying guide, and more. From glossy videos of your latest new builds to a meticulously crafted website that displays every estate in perfect clarity, just get crafting.

Channel strategy

You’ve made all that great content, so now you need to put it in front of your audience! There’s a range of channels to help boost your brand’s visibility. Some of the most seminal ones are:

Your Website

Often disregarded in favour of other channels, your website should be at the very start of your channel strategy. It’s a hub for returning and prospective customers, so it’s vitally important to get right. Every great website needs to be comfortable user experience - that means it’s easy to navigate around, meets your audience’s needs, and looks attractive too.


Your audience is already online and searching for their next property. In a flooded market, it’s vital that you’re seen first. That’s why it’s essential to have quality SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). There’s a range of factors that can affect your ranking. Site structure, keywords, user experience, internal and external links - and that’s only to name a few.

Social Media

There are countless people waiting to view your properties on social media. Each site comes with its own unique sets of benefits, purpose, and audience. From Facebook to Instagram, we utilise these sites to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your site.

Email Marketing

Emails are a free and powerful tool to directly reach your audience. Whether you’re updating them on your latest property or just maintaining your relationship, email marketing is a great way to stay relevant.

Performance Analysis

It would be tempting to assume the hard work is over, but this is the part you’ve been anxiously waiting for: The results. To genuinely review how effective your strategy has been, you need to analyse every bit of data you’ve collected so you can understand what part of your marketing campaign has been successful and what has lagged behind. Utilise every relevant piece of data to make sure your targets are being met every time or to understand why you’ve fallen short.


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