DIGITAL MARKETING FOR a Technology Company

As the entire world undergoes a profound digital transformation, a new technology company will spring up every single day. However, not every one of these companies will survive and indeed thrive in the increasingly competitive technology market. The best way that technology companies can differentiate themselves is through high-quality digital marketing.

Market research

In order to start your digital marketing strategy, you need to understand the situation that your technology company is in. The starting point for this is conducting judicious and appropriate market research to help you get a better understanding of your key markets. By doing this, you can evaluate your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential threats and opportunities that your business could be affected by and use this to firmly position yourself in your market.

Your longer-term strategy can also be decided by a PEST analysis, taking into account the political, economic, social and technological factors that are affecting the technology market. Once you’ve established these key facts, you should know exactly what level of customer you are aiming at and be able to price your products or services accordingly.

The Core Value for Technology Companies

It isn’t enough to just simply find out the information, however. The best technology companies are the ones that are able to justify ‘why’. Why do you sell the technology product or service that you offer? In order to define this, you need to understand your brand’s core values.

This is what separates the run of the mill technology firms with industry-leading icons such as Apple. Although they appeal to a broad audience, their marketing tactics are always unique and create an aura of exclusivity around their products. It’s up to you to create a similar quality and reputation for your technology firm. To begin forming this reputation, you should be able to answer all of these questions:

  • What is the purpose of your technology company?
  • How is your technology company going to change your industry forever?
  • What single word defines your technology company?
  • What emotional and rational factors are you going to allow to influence your technology company’s brand identity?
  • If someone asked your technology firm’s core values, what would they be and why?

Creating Your Website COntent

Once you can answer the above, you are ready to start setting up a strong online presence on websites and search engines. If you focus on creating content-rich landing pages that deal with specific customer needs, your technology company will already be taking a great leap forward ahead of less compelling brands that just send users to their homepage.

What’s more, pages for specific technology products, industries or unique selling points are likely to be more relevant to customer searches and increase the change of them enquiring or converting a sale online.

With the right SEO on and off your landing pages, as well as engaging copy and imagery, your technology company will soon take the no. one spot in the search engine rankings.

Starting on social media

It isn’t enough to just create a strong website, however. Technology firms need to have a presence on all relevant social media platforms – Twitter and Facebook to engage with their customers, provide insight and offer customer service, and LinkedIn to promote their professional network and form business relationships with relevant companies that can help to enhance their technology company.

By completing all of this, you’ll be giving your technology company the best chance to have a strong digital presence and have taken the first steps to effective digital marketing for your technology firm. This shouldn’t be viewed as a one-off activity, however. Like the best technologies, your digital marketing for your technology firm should always be evolving and adapting to new market trends and behaviours, to ensure you can keep a strong and engaged digital audience. You might see the value in your technology, but there is no guarantee your customers will unless you show them the benefits of it through effective digital marketing.



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