The Average Sales Person…

4 May 2022

The average sales person is a better marketer than the average marketer*.

Most marketers are drawn to marketing because of an interest in one particular channel or discipline (social media, coding, design, copy writing, etc).

Marketing isn’t any of those things. Marketing is taking a product to market. In other words, selling stuff.

And those marketers that obsess over sales are in the minority. A tiny minority.

To a sales person, on the other hand, that’s pretty much all they care about. And a growing number now seem to have some pretty impressive digital skills (particularly email and social media). Not to mention a willingness to speak to actual human beings.

As the gulf between sales and marketing continues to narrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of today’s sales superstars one day end up with “marketing” in their job title.

(*For clarity, I am a marketer, not a salesperson)


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