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The best marketers aren’t the best marketers

The best marketers aren’t the best marketers. They’re the best executors. Take our industry: – I know agencies that generate almost all their leads from email marketing. – I know agencies that generate almost all

A World Class Copywriter…

In the last 5 years our average client lifetime has more than tripled. If I had to put the change down to one thing, it would be this… In our early days, we were fixated

There’s no such thing as a boring market

There’s no such thing as a boring market. Only boring marketers. If we advertise a copywriting position for the health and fitness market, we’ll have 5 applications in as many minutes. If we advertise a

What a golf course taught me about customer experience…

In the majority of markets, customer experience is more closely correlated with retention, referrals, growth and profitability than any other variable. And yet what percentage of non-eCommerce businesses have defined their ideal customer experience –

Great Marketers are Dreadful People

Great marketers are dreadful people. You send them a link to your new article, asking for a quick proofread, and they hack it to pieces. You ask them what they think of the website you’re

What most Digital Marketers think Market Research means

What most digital marketers think market research means: Checking out three direct competitors on the major social platforms. Making a list of things they’re talking about that seem to be getting engagement. Ignoring everything they’ve

The Average Sales Person…

The average sales person is a better marketer than the average marketer*. Most marketers are drawn to marketing because of an interest in one particular channel or discipline (social media, coding, design, copy writing, etc).