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We Asked The Former CEO of Sage – Is Cyber Security Just About Mitigating Risk or Can it be a Positive Differentiator?

We Asked The Former CEO of Sage – What’s your perspective on where cyber security belongs on a board’s agenda?

Extreme times call for extreme insights – Reimagining the role of the accountant


Alastair Barlow is Co-Founder and Chief Dreamer of Flinder, the award winning accountancy firm bringing serious data analysis to the SME market. Alongside his work at Flinder, Alastair sits on the ACCA Practitioner’s Panel Network, was shortlisted for Business Person of the Year in the 2019 SME National Business Awards, and... Read more

Six Steps to Launching an Award Winning Startup


Asi Sharabi is Co-founder and CEO of the award winning digital startup, Lost My Name; the company responsible for producing the bestselling personalised children's book, 'The little Boy/Girl who lost his/her name'. In 2014, the startup raised a record breaking £100k of funding for only 4% investment on Dragon's Den... Read more

LinkedIn, Lawyers & Love Stories – 13 Steps To Selling Innovation In A Conservative Market


Mary Bonsor is Co-Founder and CEO of F-LEX, a lawtech startup that provides on-demand paralegals by connecting law students with in-house counsels and law firms. In just 4 years, they’ve attracted nearly 600 clients and won a long list of accolades, from Legal Innovator of the Year to Best Technology... Read more